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Frequently asked questions

Here you can find a list of frequently asked questions and answers. Maybe you can find your answer here.

Which payment options do I have?

We offer following options:

Payment method Description
Prepayments: You will receive an email with our bank details. You should transfer the amount here. Your order will be sent immediately after receipt of payment.
PayPal After you confirmed your order you will receive a link which takes you directly to PayPal. Your order will be sent immediately after receipt of payment.
Cash on delivery The parcel service delivers your order directly to your doorstep where you can comfortably pay when receiving your product by the parcel service.


What about the shipping costs?

Within Germany, Austria and Switzerland we deliver free of charge, including a possible collection fee.

Can I use the Tuningkit® in my car?

Normally, the Tuningkit® is usable in all common-rail and pump injector diesel-powered vehicles. In our vehicle database you can find out if the Tuninkit is available for your car, too.

Does the use of the Tuningkit® damage the engine of my car?

No. The Tuningkit® uses the capacity reserves of your engine. Since it is not necessary to interfere in the original engine management all safety systems remain activated. Therefore, an overloading is not possible. After removing the Tuningkit® your car will be in its original state again.

Does the chiptuning reduce the service life of my engine?

No. The safety software is still activated and since the Tuningkit® uses the capacity reserves of the engine without reducing the service life. The oil change intervals are identical, too.

Does chiptuning increase my fuel consumption?

Quite the opposite, due to the increased efficiency you or the automatic transmission can switch the gears earlier und therefore you have less consumption of up to 1.5 l/100 km. Of course, it depends on the model of vehicle, route and driving style.

Can I use the Tuningkit® in a vehicle with an automatic transmission?

Yes, the Tuningkit® is compatible with either manual or automatic shifting.

Is the installation of the chiptuning possible without automotive knowledge?

We always want to ensure a user-friendly operation. It is an uncomplicated Plug and Play so that the mounting in most vehicles is done in 10 minutes. You can feel the difference immediately after the installation.

Does the Tuningkit® chiptuning provide a MOT (TÜV) part certificate?

No, because we supply our products worldwide and the essential requirements of MOT (TÜV) certificates are different in every country. Therefore, the Tuningkit® is delivered without a part certificate. Our products are inspected and approved and fulfill the requirements to pass an individual acceptance by the MOT (TÜV). Please note that in so doing additional charges could become applicable.

Is the Tuninkit still discoverable after its removal?

No. After the removal it is not possible to detect that a Tuningkit® was once installed. Your vehicle will virtually be in production configuration.

Will the diagnostic capability of your vehicle be maintained?

Yes, the software of the manufacturer can still be updated. The update has no influence on the chiptuning.


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